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As I sat, sipping my morning coffee, this quiet morning, I felt the cool breeze coming through the open window next to me. I heard the faint squeals of the new piglets up on the hill.  I heard the dogs … Continue reading

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The best job…

One of my favorite jobs as a mom is to rock a cuddly kid early in the morning.  They come to you all bleary eyed and say “can you rock me?”  Sheer heaven I tell ya!

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Catching up….

At times it seems life goes by so quickly. There are days when everything is in place and running smoothly. Then there are days, weeks even, that seem to a run together in a delightful randomness. We have had many … Continue reading

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Do you like to Yodel?  I do not know how… but I do LOVE my Jotul! Let me explain…. When we moved into our house about 11 years ago we had no idea, at all, how much oil we would … Continue reading

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My birthday, this year, happened to fall right in the middle of Holy Week, and, as chance would have it, on the day of my eye surgery.  The nurses at the hospital gave me a card and balloon They were … Continue reading

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Making do…

One of our goals in life is to live simply….more simply.  I love to see the kids ingenuity re-purposing scraps they find around the farm. One of our sons (aged 9 at the time) created this “airplane swing” for his … Continue reading

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Ode to Hamster

For about a year my, just turned, 14 year old has been begging for a hamster.  I’ve put her off, stalled, re-directed and downright emphatically said… NO!  We have many animals here on our farm, pick one!  It can be … Continue reading

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Is there anything simpler than Playdough?  Give a kid some clay and their imagination kicks in, their senses are involved, and….. they are quiet for a LOOONNNGGG time :). There were coffee cups to design Onion pizza’s to bake wedding … Continue reading

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