My birthday, this year, happened to fall right in the middle of Holy Week, and, as chance would have it, on the day of my eye surgery.  The nurses at the hospital gave me a card and balloon


They were so thoughtful to patch the left eye!
My 6 year old made me some “face cloths”‘ and gave me a piece of chalk so I can “mark the post to see how tall we are”


My 12 year old son made me a lovely bird house and painted it my favorite color….barn red.


I love how it stands out !
My eldest got me the “best mom’s ring ever”!  Hand crafted from this lovely online merchant. 


It actually fits ALL 12 of my kids names on it!
Hubby and daughter pitched in to get me a droid tablet.  Much easier to read now!
A lovely birthday indeed 🙂  surrounded by my family…..I can’t ask for anything more.

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