life continues

Life is always happening, no matter what we do to try to stop it.

Recently our youngest needed an emergency trip to our trusty Children’s Hospital.  At our local ER they wanted to supply our four year old with some morphine, because she was clearly conveying pain.  Pain?  No sir, she was clearly conveying apprehension at the fact that a strange man in a white coat was in her face asking her questions he expected her to answer and he was poking at her tender belly.  He was met with a stoic stare and the moist eyes of a terrified toddler.  This was interpreted as severe pain that needed some morphine.

Nah, we just turned the T.V. on.  Problem solved.  Seriously, the banal cartoons,that are provided for children’s entertainment, should be labeled and marketed as a controlled substance.  Instant zombie.  Who needs meds?



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