Catching up….

At times it seems life goes by so quickly. There are days when everything is in place and running smoothly. Then there are days, weeks even, that seem to a run together in a delightful randomness. We have had many exciting things happening in our family of late. Our eldest daughter and her husband are expecting their first child. Our third eldest got engaged and is getting married….NOV 2nd! Yikes! Two showers and a wedding to plan before the end of October! My husband started a new job last week. I had two retinal tears in my “good” eye. We attended two weddings, no funerals :). Two of my middles started up their summer jobs, as well as picking up some extra work on the side. And, I’ve just been enjoying having my two grandbebes in my back yard! (Oh yeah, and my son and daughter in law 🙂 )

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