Ode to Hamster

For about a year my, just turned, 14 year old has been begging for a hamster.  I’ve put her off, stalled, re-directed and downright emphatically said… NO!  We have many animals here on our farm, pick one!  It can be yours, your own, your precious.  As a mom, it is my duty to convey how this is a commitment, something to take seriously, it will be an infringement…. on ME (after all, it IS all about MOM).

Cue, birthday day out with dad….

Dad texting mom, “She wants to go to Petco”.

Mom texting Dad back,” NO… stay the course… stay strong”

Long texting story short, they came home with a hamster.  Admittedly a quite cute hamster.  A hamster that runs a mile a minute on it’s wheel hoping to someday get to where it’s going.  A hamster that lets you hold it and doesn’t bite…. you get the picture.  The darn thing is adorable and, let me tell you, it is hardy!

Last night the “outdoor” cat, that, someone accidentally let in, knocked the cage off the table and proceeded to sit on the floor gazing longingly at the little morsel hoping for a midnight snack….. twice!

I was more traumatized than the silly hamster!  Once up-righted, Zoe (so named by my daughter) started running like mad on her wheel, seemingly completely unscathed.  My husband said “She’s working off her stress”.  Her stress??  I just lost 10 years off MY life!  I saw, in my minds eye, this adorable little fur ball entering the yawning chasm of my buff tabby’s mouth!  I envisioned having to tell my daughter in the morning that her beloved pet, that she pined for Forever, would no longer be a part of our lives!  Now that’s stress people!….  I need a wheel.

So, now, I find myself protecting this little “varmint”even *gulp* Liking it!  Sheesh, I mean come on… how many hamsters will let a two year old (that didn’t mean to roll them off the table) hold them?

mena and zoe

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