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My dad passed away. There are many people who have had to deal with losing a parent.  I knew this day would come sooner or later, I just didn’t think it was going to be …sooner. I don’t think about … Continue reading

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Year in review…

What a year! It started with our third grandchild, and first grandson, making a grand entrance ten days after his due date! He is now just shy of turning one year old!  He is such a little man!  My dad … Continue reading

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Future bread baker

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decisions, decisions….decisions.

Is it me?  Or has the quality of EVERYTHING gone so far downhill that anything you purchase is destined for the dumpster pile in a few years?  Where is the quality of old?  Is our society so consumer conscious that … Continue reading

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The best job…

One of my favorite jobs as a mom is to rock a cuddly kid early in the morning.  They come to you all bleary eyed and say “can you rock me?”  Sheer heaven I tell ya!

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What happens when the two year old gets into her sisters tea tree oil!

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I was going to write a post about our dinner last night.  Then while preparing dinner I started thinking about what I use most in the kitchen.  What I utilize the most, my favorite “go to” things that I would … Continue reading

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Sisterly moments

I love seeing my older kids having “moments” with their younger siblings. 

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Free Dinner…

When I cook, many times I will ask one of the kids to go down to the freezer to “bring me up something I can make for dinner”.  Sometimes they’ll respond with “what do you want me to get?”  I … Continue reading

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