Winding down what has been quite a whirlwind few weeks here.  Our eldest son and his young family moved home so they were here for a few weeks getting our cottage ready to move into.
During that craziness there was our regular schedule / farm chores / obligations, getting ready for Easter….and surgery prep for me.
A short history…..
I detached the retina in my left eye 2 years ago.  I was pregnant at the time so they tried to “hold” it in place by lasering….twice.  Fast forward 2 weeks they delivered early…..2 days postpartum they did the surgery to fix the retina, I won’t go into the gory details on that!  Suffice it to say it was NOT something I would EVER want to have to do again 😉
Recovery involved 5 days of laying on my right side….with a nursing newborn.
Fast forward 2 years….cataracts in both eyes…also developed macular pucker, or epiretinal membrane in the bad eye.  All of which was hindering vision. 
Cataract surgery in January, then revisit the macular pucker issue. 
So, that is the surgery that I was preparing for last week amidst all the craziness.  I had a vitrectomy macular peel on Wednesday.  Recovery from that involved 2 days of laying completely facedown… I look like a pirate, I can’t drive for 2 weeks and no bending/lifting for 6 weeks.  Phew.
Today, Easter, our son and his family finished moving into the cottage, we fit in Easter dinner in-between unloading the U-Haul, visited with family… we are shutting down.  It may take us a few weeks to recover from this batch of craziness.
Kudos to all my children…..they All stepped up to the plate!

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