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One of our daughters got married last fall. I’d like to share how we saved money and how we made the preparations easier. One of the biggest expenses, after the hall of course, is the dress.  As soon as she … Continue reading

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Random moments

I love when I catch the kids at random times doing things that I’m not expecting.

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Use number 1021 for canning jars…

Centerpieces for our daughter’s November wedding!

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We’ve been crazy busy canning corn and tomato sauce for the past couple weeks. Funny how you forget things.  I couldn’t remember if I was supposed to use 10 or 15 lbs of pressure.  I googled it and….. They were … Continue reading

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Our 9 year old oven finally gave out.  We were fortunate to find an affordable replacement via Craigslist. As soon as my husband finished installing it, the girls started baking!

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As I sat, sipping my morning coffee, this quiet morning, I felt the cool breeze coming through the open window next to me. I heard the faint squeals of the new piglets up on the hill.  I heard the dogs … Continue reading

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I love my vintage mason jars! I love filling them….they make me happy 🙂

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Future bread baker

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decisions, decisions….decisions.

Is it me?  Or has the quality of EVERYTHING gone so far downhill that anything you purchase is destined for the dumpster pile in a few years?  Where is the quality of old?  Is our society so consumer conscious that … Continue reading

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The best job…

One of my favorite jobs as a mom is to rock a cuddly kid early in the morning.  They come to you all bleary eyed and say “can you rock me?”  Sheer heaven I tell ya!

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