We’ve been crazy busy canning corn and tomato sauce for the past couple weeks.


Funny how you forget things.  I couldn’t remember if I was supposed to use 10 or 15 lbs of pressure.  I googled it and…..


They were wrong.  On the left is 15 lbs of pressure, the right is 10.

Filling jars vs packing tightly because you want to cram as much in as you can to get it done as quickly as you can because there is so much to do! Phew.


Plus I had a good amount of jars that didn’t seal.  I was in a hurry because we had bushels and bushels to process, so i would help the pressure cooker out by releasing the steam.  Note to self….let pressure go down on its own.  It makes for a much nicer product.


So pretty :-).

I love processing and seeing all those lovely jars!



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