Turkeys have a distinct sound. 
In the early morning moments I sit by the window sipping my coffee in the silence of the house.  Outside, however, is definitely not silent!  The turkeys are “chirping” and “talking” to each other in a lyrical way.  I sit here and ponder what they are saying to one another.  I can hear, in their voices, if they are happy and content or if there is a stray cat stalking their pen taunting them. 
I can also hear, by their tones, if they have kicked over their waterer and are now just “dying” of thirst. 
When they are happy they have a songbird quality to their voices.  They add another dimension not only to our farm but to my mornings.

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2 Responses to Sounds

  1. Stacy says:

    Sounds divine! (no pun intended) xo

  2. bluebunny01 says:

    Ours are pretty vocal as well – I love their excited ‘oh, have you brought us scrambled egg’ call!

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