Nature Therapy…

Since I had eye surgery on the 27th of March, I’ve been on “limited” duty.  I find when I sit around too much life seems a little bleak 🙂

On Saturday my husband said “come on… you need a walk”.  Really?  I just wanted to sleep!  🙂  He lovingly heckled me to get up and get going….. he was right (that seems to be a pattern 🙂 )  He asked me where I would like to walk, as he was headed toward our driveway.  I sorta swung my head in the opposite direction, toward our woods.

We are blessed to live on about 14+ acres, which can be rare here in the North East.  A nice chunk of our land is wooded, and there is a stream on one side and a river that wraps around the back part.  There is also an old trestle trail on one side that ends at the river where a bridge used to span across the river so the train could go across on it’s way to RI.

Anyway, I think Nature Therapy is just what the Dr. ordered.  At the end of our stroll I felt much calmer… relaxed even.  The woods are never “silent”, yet the quietness of them are soothing to the soul.  You can hear the pine needles as they filter the breeze.

in the woods 005

You can hear the birds as they bask in the sunlight shining through the canopy.

in the woods 008

The water, as it rushes over rocks and winter debris, creates, not an unbearable ruckus, but a quietness that reaches beyond the clattering of daily noises.  A sound that, after a few moments, is almost imperceptible as you lose yourself in the beauty of the crystalline waters.

in the woods 037

in the woods 040

in the woods 033

in the woods 041

in the woods 035

Yes, Nature Therapy…. It’s good for what ails ya!

in the woods 024

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1 Response to Nature Therapy…

  1. Stacy says:

    Oh how beautiful! Nature therapy is the best kind of therapy – does the soul good to get out there every now and then. ❤

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